Om together. Book a private or semi-private session to practice on a more intimate level.


Feel better, look better, live better. Pat customizes personal training sessions to you so you can meet your goals (while having a blast too). 


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More than just a foot massage. By targeting pressure points, reflexology increases circulation, boosts your immune system and cleanses your body of toxins.



Pat kicks my butt every week - and that's EXACTLY what I want her to do! Every work out is challenging, exciting, and honestly FUN. And when my sitter can't make it, Pat has no problem when I have to have my 3 year old tag along. Jai Wellness is truly a full service operation!!!

- Jenn. Mother of 3, under 7. Washington Heights. Weekly client.

Works out with a fellow mom friend. They have ZERO time to themselves, so every workout must count 10 fold. They want maximum calorie burn, so I customize each workout to have a combo of fat torching cardio, strength training and some yoga for sound mind. 



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