“I am now fit, strong, and feel like a super mom!”

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and anxious to lose the last amount of baby fat, I realized that my traditional yoga wasn't allowing me to shed those last few pounds.  More importantly, I wanted to be STRONG, and feel fit again, and have a little muscle tone, while still being able to do some yoga and Pilates.  I met Patricia, and she not only has helped me get through the most challenging part of working out -the mental part- she actually makes me crave the endorphins that I get from her class and look forward to coming back!

 I realized that her work out technique combined hard core strength training, a lot of cardio, and then muscle toning through Pilates and to wrap it all up, yoga at the end.  Pat also is a certified reflexologist and she has worked wonders on my foot as well.

I go to see Pat three times a week, and I am now fit, strong, and feel like a super mom!  I highly recommend Pat- she's not only encouraging (she's a mom herself), but is one of the funniest ladies I know. I'm 5'11" and finally at my pre-baby 140 lbs.  YES!

— K.K.

“Working with Patricia has been a heaven sent.”

I began working with Patricia 3 months after I had my second child - going on now for a year plus of continuous and regular fitness routine (a personal record!). I had lost most of the weight on my own by running but struggled with general core weakness and back/hip pains. Working with Patricia has been a heaven sent in terms of improving my general strength and muscle conditioning. She's knowledgeable, patient and very kind. She is also extremely willing to listen and modify exercises to cater to limitations. I feel very lucky to have found in Patricia a great fitness coach and also a good friend!

— V.M.

Pat kicks my butt every week - and that's EXACTLY what I want her to do! Every work out is challenging, exciting, and honestly FUN. And when my sitter can't make it, Pat has no problem when I have to have my 3 year old tag along. Jai Wellness is truly a full service operation!!!

— Jenn. Mother of 3, under 7. Washington Heights. Weekly client.

Works out with a fellow mom friend. They have ZERO time to themselves, so every workout must count 10 fold. They want maximum calorie burn, so I customize each workout to have a combo of fat torching cardio, strength training and some yoga for sound mind. 


“I have never felt better.”

I have been training with Patricia for almost 18 months and at 53 years old I have never felt better. I must admit that when we started I wanted to quit many times. Patricia always made adjustments to our workout so I wouldn't give up and always spoke to me about how diet and emotional well being are all part of a successful exercise program.

As Newton said " an object in motion tends to stay in motion an object at rest tends to stay at rest"

— D.G.

“She has a great energy and a nice flow.”

Just started working with Patricia 10 days ago. I already am feeling more fit and motivated to stay in shape and keep on with training with her. She has a great energy and a nice flow to her work outs. So far really good. If you are into adding a spiritual element to your routine and add some yoga in the mix, she is good at that as well.  

— L.T.


“Patricia is a fantastic trainer. I've been going to her twice a week for almost 2 years. She doesn't judge and will meet you wherever you are--both physically and mentally--to create a program that fits your needs. The workouts are varied with a combination of strength training, yoga and stretching. Patricia takes a very holistic approach and is always willing to discuss my health conditions, vitamins and supplements, sleep habits, healthy eating, self-care and any other questions I have about living a healthy lifestyle. Basically she is my all-around wellness guru! I am fitter, stronger, and more motivated to work out on the days we don't have a session. Best of all I have fun doing it! Give her a try, you won't regret it. “

— Christy G.