Patricia Bogan. Certified ISSA Fitness trainer. 200 hour Yoga teacher Certification. Reflexologist. All around badass mama.

I became a fitness instructor not as a former dancer or athlete, but as a 52 year old mother of two working in the restaurant industry.  

I’ve always had a passion for making people feel great inside and out. I formerly managed one of NYC’s first natural food restaurants in Greenwich Village, and loved how good food could be enjoyed while providing nourishment. Along the way I picked up a certification in reflexology, amazed at the healing and relaxation benefits from this type of work. Some friends thought I might be good at teaching fitness classes. Despite thinking to myself, “aren’t I too old for this?” I gave it a shot. After all, I was in the midst of a major life revamp and spiritual overhaul: I was clean and sober after many painful years of addiction and recovery, and I knew this could be the next step in my own healing.

My passion for wellness was brought to the forefront of my life during my first-born son’s early childhood in the mid-90’s. I paid much more attention to what was in our food and how to provide him with the best. Along with exercise, which I’ve enjoyed and explored through my life, I realized that the food we feed ourselves and our children is crucial for leading a healthy life. During my teens and 20’s, my weight was up and down 10 – 15 pounds, and it was a painful, depressing cycle. Working out and doing yoga made me calmer, happier and more confident. It made me a better family member and friend! The same held true during both my pregnancies and postpartum times. I believe having been through my own struggles I have a deep understanding of my clients and their fitness goals.

I began working at The Practice Spin and Yoga Studio in June 2012 and discovered my penchant for teaching fitness to groups. I have a great love of music, and sharing that during classes and private sessions is so motivating (and a lot of fun)! In 2013 I took over as the new owner of the Practice and kept it running successfully until May 2015. In June 2016 I received my Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher 200 Certification from Sonic Yoga, and since then I’ve been working as a private fitness and yoga teacher, and am experienced in teaching HiiT classes, mommy and me outdoor classes.

I live in New York City and I love being part of my wonderful Washington Heights community. I'd love to share more of my journey with you.

Come Jai with me.

Jai is about celebrating your everyday victories. It’s welcoming joy. It’s finding the beauty in your accomplishments.

Jai is about kissing negative thoughts goodbye. It’s loving yourself. It’s acknowledging your strength (even if you don’t feel it right now).

Jai is about empowering yourself to do the work. It’s discovering bliss and becoming your favorite version of you. It’s renewing, restoring, growing, awakening.

Celebrate your victories. Become one with your Jai. Live your Jai life!